Frosty Cart Sale

Calling all merchants! Are you up for some Winter themed fun? We’ll be putting on our second annual Frosty Cart Sale! If you think you might be interested, please read the rules below, and fill out the application.

~ You must be a member of The Little Sideshow group after acceptance to receive posters, updates, etc. If accepted, I will send a group invite along with your acceptance notecard.

~Please send Drusilla Dethly a FULL PERM logo IN WORLD. If you have participated in TLS Events in the past, then I already have yours =)

~ PLEASE no Toddleedoo/Kiddie items! If you have a store for children and still wish to apply, please take this into account. Thank you!

NO NEW ITEM IS REQUIRED. Since the open date is so close, new items are optional. Encouraged if you have time, but optional =)

THEME: The Theme is Winter. Anything Winter, Christmas/Holiday, Snowy, Frosty, Winter Colors/etc. IT MUST BE IN THEME.

PRIMS: You will be allowed 10 prims at your booth, and everything MUST be 50% off. You may also bring ONE gacha.

FEE: The fee for the sale will be 150L.

SPONSORS: There will be no sponsors for this event.

WHEN: The sale will run from December 18th – January 1st.

Do NOT bring Copyright/DMCA material (ie don’t go slapping a picture of Batman on a shirt and call it a day =P). Also, all templates used in your items, the terms/conditions must be applied to your item as well – ie, meaning if the template is not permitted to be sold for less than 100L then do NOT price it lower than this. I repeat – DO NOT DO IT.

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