On the Boardwalk Gacha Fair

OtB May Poster


Calling all designers! The Little Sideshow would love to extend an invitation to everyone who wishes to participate in the On the Boardwalk Gacha Fair! You MUST make at least ONE new gacha for the event. Please read over the rules and send an application – we hope you’ll join us =D

~ You must be a member of The Little Sideshow group after acceptance to receive posters, updates, etc. If accepted, I will send a group invite along with your acceptance notecard.

~Please send Drusilla Dethly a FULL PERM logo IN WORLD. If you have participated in TLS Events in the past, then I already have yours =)

~ PLEASE no Toddleedoo/Kiddie items! If you have a store for children and still wish to apply, please take this into account. Thank you!

THEME:There is NO theme for this round - Let your imagination run wild!

You MUST create ONE new gacha that will ONLY be available at the event - after the event is over, you can do with it as you like.

PRIMS: Gachas will be provided for you. If bringing clothing items, you may rez a demo sign.

FEE: The fee for the event is the price of the gacha machines, which will be 150L each. You can have up to TWO gacha machines. You will pay for your gachas WHEN SET UP IS OPEN. You will purchase them directly. Please do not send any fees, unless you have been chosen as a sponsor.

SPONSORS: We are accepting 12 Sponsors for this event. You will get your store name on the flyer, and spots near the event entrance, as well as an option for a 3rd gacha machine. The sponsor fee is 300L, plus 150L per gacha machine. You may have 1, 2, or 3 gachas.

WHEN: The event will run from May 13th – May 27th. We will notify everyone via The Little Sideshow group when you can come setup. You will purchase the gacha machines with your logo ONLY. More details, and instructions on how to set up the gacha machines will also be provided.

Do NOT use Copyright/DMCA material (ie don’t go slapping a picture of Batman on a shirt and call it a day=P). All templates used in your items, the terms/conditions must be applied to your item as well – ie, meaning if the template is not permitted to be sold for less than 100L then do NOT price it lower than this.

If you have not paid your fee, or set up your gacha(s) by the dates given, you will lose your spot to another designer. So, if you’re going to be late please let us know!

Avatar Name | Store Name*
You MUST drop a FULL PERM logo (512x512 preferred) to Drusilla Dethly. Did you do this?*
You agree to create ONE NEW gacha, exclusive to this event until it ends?*
You understand that you are NOT permitted to have any copyright material at this event, and you will be asked to remove an item we feel violates any SL TOS?*
Do you wish to be a sponsor? There is an additional 300L fee. *
How many gachas would you like? 1, 2 or 3 (sponsor applicants only)*

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