Here at The Little Sideshow, we offer a wide range of renting opportunities! We currently have kiosks, small, medium, and large satellite stores, which is is fit for a mainstore, or large secondary. The prims/pricing are as follows (we can also adjust prims accordingly, based on your needs):

Kiosks: 15 Prims – 50L/wk

Small Shops: 25 Prims – 65L/wk

Medium Shops: 50 Prims – 130L/wk

Large Shops – 100 Prims – 260L/wk

For more information on any of these, please contact either Drusilla Dethly or Kita Whitefalcon in world. You can come and check out The Little Sideshow here.

2 thoughts on “Rentals

  1. Altruism Resident

    I’ve been in events from The Big Show, Kawaii Fair, Burlesque Show, Whore Couture, Dark Style Fair, to smaller events. I create original mesh shoes and matching accessories as well as the occasional template.


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